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How Solar Works

Helpful Videos About Solar Energy Solutions

Want to find out more about solar panels, strength and more? Have a look below at our helpful videos:

Solar Panel Break Test

When solar panels sit in the sun, they expand and contract every day creating little cracks in the cells. Over time, power production degrades because of these cracks. Choose quality over price and it will save you in the long run.

Solar Strength Test

We often get asked if the solar panels can withstand hail, baseballs, golf balls, or a falling tree. Every solar panel we carry has been put through similar rigorous testing.

SunPower Equinox

This is the newest, most sophisticated, and very exciting solar system on the market. Not only is SunPower ranked as the most efficient panel in the world, but the new Equinox system also allows you to monitor your power production as well as your consumption on one simple app.

Invisimount Racking

The solar panel racking system is more about aesthetics than anything. We think the kind you can’t see, is the best.