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Solar Billing

Net Metering

Net Metering is the agreement between the solar customer and the utility company.  All Utilities are a bit different, but the premise is that you are credited for the power you send to the grid each day, and debited for power you use at night.

Net Metering varies from utility to utility, but this video by Southern California Edison explains the basic concept:

For more info on your utility’s specific net metering agreement, schedule a free online consultation today!

Save With Solar

In this particular bill, the monthly charge was -$18.28, with a previous balance of $22.65 from the previous month.  The total after 2 months being $4.37. 

Most Utility Companies charge Non-Bypassable Charges of at least $10 a month (changing in 2022).  At the end of the year, this client can expect to pay one annual bill of around $120.