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Let us answer all your questions about solar!  In our free consultation, we will go over where panels will produce the most, to show the best savings.  The average client sees 50% or more savings over the utility company with solar.  See how much you can save, and get a free solar design in our 30 minute Zoom Consultation!

Reduce Your Solar Bill By 50% Or More!!

Depending On Your Home's

Sun Direction



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How Solar Works


The World's Most Complete Solar System From Design to Implementation

SunPower Equinox

Unlike conventional home solar systems, the SunPower Equinox System has a minimalist design that packs a true solar energy power punch.

SunVault Storage

The perfect accompaniment for the SunPower Equinox System, the SunVault Storage Battery is a perfect addition to ensure your home has a powerful energy system that lasts.

25 Year Complete Confidence Warranty

Unlike conventional solar providers, our SunPower units are able to better harness energy, are easier to maintain and will not lose storing capacity easily.

Sunpower Advantage

With over 35 years of proven expertise, SunPower is a leading provider in the solar power industry.

Each product is carefully designed using only the latest solar power technologies, with exceptional results for consumers, every time.

  • Industry leading one of a kind copper backing Maxeon technology
  • The most energy produced in the least amount of space
  • System wide 25-year warranty
  • As an American company, SunPower is not subject to the 15-30% import tarrifs

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Why HelioGold

As one of the leading solar power companies in California, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service with client satisfaction guaranteed. Partner with us today and watch as your home gets upgraded with the best solar power solutions and technology.